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Orange OR 120 Bj. 1973 Plexi Front, Pics only

Das hier ist ein sehr früher Orange Amp OR 120, die Modelle sind bekannt als „Plexis“ oder „Pics only“, zuerst vorgestellt im jahre 1972.

Bei diesem hier dürfte es sich um das Baujahr 1973 handeln, mit liegenden Trafos.

Frisch geserviced mit neuen Röhren, Elkos etc…

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Der Amp ist im wesentlichen Original, leider wurde der Amp mal mit einem Bezug in Holzoptik versehen, das lässt sich aber gut ablösen, und man könnte ihn mit ein bisschen Zeit wieder Original beziehen. Technisch absolut fit, den optischen Zustand sowie die Originalität der Bauteile entnehmt Ihr bitte den Bilder.

Was gemacht wurde und für mich ersichlich ist Liste ich hier auf.

4x EL 34 STR vom TAD

2 x EEC 83

2x Elkos vom TAD

2x Kondenstaoren auf dem Board vom TAD

2x neue Buchsen an den Lautsprecherausgängen

Zeitgemässe Kaltgerätebuchse

1 neuerer Röhrensockel


hier die Antwort der Fa. Orange zur anfrage bzgl. dieses Amps


 I’m afraid that as a matter of policy, we don’t give valuations on our old products, they’re worth whatever someone is willing to pay. However, I think you may find this information from one of staff members who was very likely involved in building this amp interesting. On the early OR120’s models we used a black background for the crest. This is a very early Orange OR120 Graphic Guitar amp known more commonly as a ‘Pics Only or ‘Plexis’ These amps were first introduced in 1972 although it did appear in an Orange Catalogue as early as 1971. Orange were one of the first companies to design an electronic product replacing the written word with symbols thus ‘Pics Only’ The early models had a Perspex reverse printed front panel with a steel reinforcing plate behind thus Plexis. I notice that your clients amplifier also has ‚Drop Through‘ chassis transformers which were a feature in the earlier models chaging later to ’surface mounting‘ The Perspex panel was later replaced with a steel screen printed panel in around 1973. In 1974 the Pics and Text version was launched superseding this model although production continued into 1975. From inception the Orange front panel width was designed as a standard 19” rack mount unit. The amplifier was fitted into the sleeve using four standard pan head gutter bolts into an angle iron bracket fixed to each side of the cabinet. The black plastic washers prevented damage to the panel (in particular the Perspex panel which was prone to cracking). Models using this type of mounting usually had a small bracket on the rear of the chassis which was fixed into the base of the cabinet with a wood screw. Early models were OR100 or ORS100 but later models were upgraded to OR120. This method of fixing was changed around 1973 to chassis fixing bolts located on the base of the cabinet. As this is one of the earlier models I would therefore date this amp somewhere between late to the early part of 1973. I do not recognise the amplifier sleeve but we did manufacture a few custom solid wood versions for several models which would have been for ‚trade exhibition‘ purposes. I cannot confirm whether this was made by us or custom built by others. I hope this information is helpful.